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The Orthopaedic Unit

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Orthopaedic Review Course

VIP Hall, October 6 University

3 - 5 May, 2009

Course Chairman: Mahmoud Hafez

Program: Intensive course in trauma & orthopaedics (hand, foot, spine, basic science, oncology, pediatrics, deformity, arthroplasty & sports): Basics & update for recent advances

Format: Instructional talks, workshops & live surgery

Participants: Every orthopaedic surgeon (juniors & seniors)

Excellence center for Training & Human Development (ECTHD)

Guest Speakers:-

Peter Giannoudis          Trauma, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, UK

Abhay Rao          Spine, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, UK

Peter Templeton          Paediatrics, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, UK

National Faculty:- (Prof & Dr)      (Arranged alphabetically)

  1. Abdel Mohsen Arafa. Ain Shams University
  2. Adel Hamid. Al-Azhar University
  3. Ahmed Abdel Aziz. Cairo Uni.
  4. Ahmed Abdel Samie. Military Medical Academy
  5. Ahmed Hosny. Oct. 6 University
  6. Ahmed Saeed. Ain Shams University
  7. Akram Azam. Cairo University
  8. Akram El Dawoudy. Oct 6. University
  9. Amal Balbaa. Oct 6 & Cairo University
  10. Ashraf El Nahhal. Cairo University
  11. Atef Morsy. Beni-Soeif University
  12. Ayman Ebeid. Menoufiya University
  13. Emad Samuel Saweeres. El-Sahel Teaching Hospital
  14. Essam El Sherif. Assuit University
  15. Ezzat Kamel. Ain Shams University
  16. Fouad Zamel. Cairo University
  17. Gad Ragheb. Al-Azhar University
  18. Gamal Hosny. Banha University
  19. Hatem Galal Zaki. Assuit University
  20. Hazem Abdel Azeem. Cairo University
  21. Hesham Abdel Baky. Nasr Institute
  22. Hesham Abdel Ghany. Cairo University
  23. Khalid Al Adwar. Alex. University
  24. Khalid Emara. Ain Shams University
  25. Khamis El Deeb.Alex. University
  26. Mahmoud El Sebaii. Ain Shams University
  27. Mahmoud Fayed. Ain Shams University
  28. Mahmoud Hafez. Oct. 6 University
  29. Mamdouh Mahfouz. Cairo University
  30. Mohamed Awad. El Helal Orthopaedic Hospital.
  31. Mohamed El Sobky. Cairo University
  32. Mohamed Fadel. El Menia University
  33. Mohamed Shafik. Tanta University
  34. Nagy Sabet. MUST University
  35. Osama Hegazy. Banha University
  36. Raouf El Abbasy. Military Medical Academy
  37. Samer Kotb. El Mansoura University
  38. Shawky Rashad. London,UK
  39. Sherif Amin. Cairo University
  40. Sherif Amr. Cairo University
  41. Tarek El Ghazaly. El Helal
  42. Walid Ebeid. Cairo University
  43. Yasser El Miligui. Cairo University
  44. Yousry El Hawary Cairo University

 Sunday 3 May

09:00 Registration

09:45 Welcome address & Introduction

Prof Mohamed Kadry: Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University

10:00 – 13:00 Trauma (15 minutes each talk)

Chairmen: Peter Giannoudis, Akram Azam, Gad Raghib

  • Initial management of trauma: ATLS M. Hafez
  • Poly-trauma patient/ Damage control Giannoudis
  • Fracture pelvis Giannoudis
  • Fracture acetabulum F. Zamel
  • Fracture neck of femur M. Hafez
  • Subtrochantric fractures G. Raghib
  • Fracture tibial plateau G. Raghib
  • Open fractures Giannoudis
  • Compartment syndrome Giannoudis
  • MIS in trauma O. Hegazy
  • Workshop: Moulage for polytrauma M Hafez, E Samuel
12:30 – 12:45 Coffee Break

12:45 – 14:45 Hand & Foot Surgery (15 minutes each)

Chairmen: Khamis El Deeb, Osama Hegazy

  • Hand injuries Sherif Amin
  • Congenital hand H. Abdel Ghany
  • Tendon injuries & disorders Sherif Amr
  • Carpal instability Sherif Amin
  • Basic biomechanics of the foot H. Abdel Ghany
  • Complex foot deformities Mahmoud Fayed
  • Charcot joint Mahmoud Fayed
  • Nerve injuries & disorders Atef Morsy
14:45 –15:15 Lunch

15:15 – 18:00 Spine
(15 minutes each)

Chairmen: Abhay Rao, Yousry El Hawary, Essam El Sherif

  •  Spine examination A. Rao
  • Cervical spine injuries
  • Acute clearance A. Rao
  • Classification A. Rao
  • Treatment Y. Miligui
  • Degenerative cervical spine Y. Miligui
  • Fracture thoracic & lumbar spine
  • Classification, treatment and updates A. Rao
  • Spinal canal stenosis and decompression A. Rao
  • Cauda equina syndrome A. Hosny
  • Idiopathic scoliosis A. Rao
  • Spinal Instability A. Arafa
  • Lumbar disc prolapse & treatment by MIS A. Rao
  • Spinal infections & TB Y. El Hawary
  • Failed back syndrome Y. El Hawary
  • Stem cell in spinal cord injuries Sherif Amr

Monday 4 May

9:00 – 12:00 Basic Science & Oncology (15minutes each)

Chairmen: Mohamed Shafik, Samer Kotb, Walid Ebeid

Bone physiology & Metabolic bone dis. M Awad Cartilage physiology and pathology Dawoudy Bone graft and bone substitutes E Samuel Osteoporosis Ashraf El Nahal Biomechanics in fractures & principles of internal fixation K. El Adwar Osteomyelitis Khaled Emara Infection control & antibiotics Amal. Balbaa Principles of skeletal oncology S. Kotb Primary bone tumors W. Ebeid Metastatic bone diseases W. Ebeid Limb salvage S. Kotb Malignant spine conditions A. Rao

12:00 –12:15 Coffee Break

12:15 – 14:30 Pediatrics & deformities (15 minutes each)

Chairmen: Templeton, Nagy Thabet, Gamal. Hosny,

Acute resuscitation in children P. Templeton Management of DDH P. Templeton Pelvic osteotomies (Salter & Pemberton) Templeton Epiphyseal injuries & SUFE M. Hafez Diaphyseal fractures in children O. Hegazy Erb’s palsy O. Hegazy CP & neuromuscular disorders H. Abdel Ghany Non-union & infected non-union Gamal. Hosny Workshops: Ponseti techniques M. El Sobky External fixator & Ilizarov G. Hosny

14:30 –15:00 Lunch

15:00 – 18:00 Arthroplasty (15 minutes for each)

Chairmen: Shawky Rashad, M. El Sebaii, Tarek El Ghazaly

Hip examination A. Ebeid Biomechanics of the hip & the knee E. Samuel Biomaterials and Tribology A. Ebeid AVN & Osteochondral pathology A. Ebeid Principles of hip arthroplasty R. El Abbasy Principles of knee arthroplasty M. Hafez MIS in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty H. Abdel Baky Principles of Shoulder arthroplasty TBA Infection in THA F. Zamel Revision in TKA M. El Sebaii Workshops: Hemiarthroplasty TBA Preoperative planning in THA M. Hafez

Tuesday 5 May

09:00 – 13:00 Sports Injuries (15 minutes for each)

Chairmen: Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Ezzat Kamel, Ahmed Abdel Samie

  • Diagnostic knee arthroscopy Adel Hamed
  • Live surgery: Knee arthroscopy/ ACL recon A. Abdel Aziz
  • Knee examination Adel Hamed
  • Meniscal injuries Ezzat Kamel
  • Ligamentous injuries Ezzat Kamel
  • Patello-femoral disorders Al Dawoody
  • Shoulder & elbow examination H. Galal
  • Shoulder instability A. Saeed
  • Fracture proximal humerus A. Abdel Samie
  • Clavicle and AC joint injuries H. Galal
  • Rotator cuff injury A. Abdel Samie
  • Post traumatic stiffness Ashraf El Nahal

13:00 –13:15 Coffee Break

13:15 – 18:45 Workshops
(One hour each + lunch break)

Chairmen: Giannoudis, Hazem Abdel Azeem, Mohamed Fadel

  • Surgical exposures:
  • Shoulder, Elbow & forearm (K. El Adwar)
  • Spine (A. Rao)
  • Pelvis (F. Zamel)
  • Hip & Knee (E. Samuel)
  • POP/ Hip spica (P. Templeton)
  • Wound debridement & suturing (Hafez)
  • Basics of ORIF/ DHS (Giannoudis)
  • Supracondylar # humerus (P. Templeton)
  • MRI Shoulder, spine (M. Mahfouz)
  • MRI knee (A. Saeed)
  • Computer & multimedia (M. Fadel)
  • How to read & publish a paper (Hafez)

Registration fees: LE 500

Registration fees include:

Handout for all talks, Certificate, Coffee breaks & lunch

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For scientific enquiries, please contact Course Organizer:

Prof Mahmoud Hafez: Head of the Orthopaedic Unit, October 6

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